How to navigate the future of radio: A strong personal brand (especially online).

A strong personal brand will get you noticed, as radio jobs become scarce, it's easier to market which means it's easier to monetize. Social media can be very beneficial in marketing you, your blogs, podcast, etc!

I've always felt the radio industry completely missed the mark on taking advantage of social media for marketing purposes, learning about their audiences, and monetizing their stations and personalities. That became really apparent when I realized some social media influencers were making more money from an Instagram post than some radio personalities in major markets for their on-air endorsements! 

In the past, I've used creative marketing to land my first radio promotions gig, a Facebook page to get a job in Denver that was created for me, and most recently used Instagram to build a radio-networking brand that I've turned into a business. I figured if I, the part-time promo girl, can build a business starting with Instagram alone... just imagine what media personalties can do!

My methods guide you to build confidence in yourself (outside of the radio station) and discover your value, while also teaching you long-term social media strategies that will connect you with and grow your audience.  

Know your worth. Define your brand.

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