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Okay, so you're on the beach... or maybe just want to freshen up your brand. It's 2020 and I cannot stress enough how important your personal brand is going to be in the future of radio.

Let's start from the beginning...

Step 1.) Buy a Domain

Go to:

1.) Search for your desired .com

Name Cheap Example:

Pick something that is within your budget, you will see the yearly cost listed to the right of the page.

Once you have made a final decision on the domain you want*...

2.) Add to Cart

3.) Checkout

Look! Honey even found a coupon for me:

4.) Confirm Order

5.) Verify your email address via the email you receive from NameCheap titled:

IMMEDIATE VERIFICATION required for your domain(s).

Just like that! It's all yours! Now let's make it pretty...

*Tips for Finding a Domain:

I recommend sticking with a .com and not taking the .org, .io, etc options (unless you already have a strategy in mind).

Ideally, your .com matches your social media handles, but that isn't completely necessary. As long as your social media alone is pretty consistent across platforms.

If your name is already taken... try putting THE in front of it.

Domain ideas:

• Your On-Air Name

• You Legal Name

• Your Podcast Name

• Your Blog Name

• Your Social Media Handle

• Something total random, but unique to you.

Step 2.) Sign-up for a FREE Account

You will use this to create a placeholder website/digital business card for yourself. It's going to be so much cheaper and more manageable than trying to build an entire website right now!

- However, if you rather go ahead and build

a more functional website, check out:

which is what I used to build -

You will find so many template options that you can customize here: - I threw one together really quickly, so you can get an idea:

Sample Desktop Version:

Sample Mobile Version:

When you are ready to connect your custom domain to the Cardd site that you created, you will go here:

Get the Pro Standard Plan at $19/year.

You can have up to 10 sites attached to this account at no extra cost!

This video will show you how to connect the two:

This site might be helpful as well:

Price Recap:

$10.00 - Domain Name

$20.00 - (when ready to connect)

So in this example where the domain is $10.00/year + your card website (when ready to be connected) will cost you under $30 for the entire year!!

Until you are ready to connect the 2, your only cost will be what the price is for the .com.

Budget Friendly Tip from Chris Cruise:

Use to connect to your domain for free.

Your .com will look something like this:

There are a few color options to choose from!

Your Tasks:

• Buy a Domain

• Register for a free account (or

Still lost? Email Marie with questions:

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