How I Got Into Radio...

Updated: Jul 25, 2020

I was a 20 year old manager at the time, who worked the closing shift almost every night at a movie theatre. Each night while I was doing the tedious tasks of counting inventory, money, and other administrative tasks... I would listen to the radio in my office... a lot.

100.7 The Wolf was the new country station, and the "underdog" competitor to the legendary 94.1 KMPS in Seattle. I loved country music and there was something fresh and exciting about their on-air brand! The imaging was upbeat, the station sounded modern and fun... they made country “cool”.

In the Spring of 2006, The Wolf rolled out a promotion called: Quest for a Million Listeners

The station went all-in on the promotion, utilizing talent, remotes and a lot of great imaging. They constantly encouraged people to call in and “pledge” listening to The Wolf and/or converting their friends and family to listen. Callers would say things like: “I’m pledging 3 people. Myself, my dad and my son”. As a listener, it was so exciting hearing the number of pledges grow and grow closer to a million! I remember hearing phones ringing in the background like a telethon, and I could just picture people answering the crazy volume of calls all day long. I wanted to be there answering phones for them, so I called the station to ask if I could help (they declined my help). Yes, I truly believed they had a “call center” in the studio taking these pledges with a room full of volunteers.

So instead of answering phones, I did my part to help by making a large banner for the back window of my truck. I drew The Wolf logo on it, and in big, bold, block letters I wrote:

“HONK if you pledge to listen to 100.7 The Wolf”

I actually got honks! Tons of honks! I proudly called the radio station to share my contributions, "Hi, I'm just calling to let you know I got eight people to honk for my sign in the last hour!". I would drive around blaring the station, just so people would look over and see my sign. I wanted to spread the word that the new 100.7 Wolf was in town! I truly believed I was making a difference. I was already doing radio promotions and marketing - I just didn’t know it yet.

During the time of this promotion, the station had a remote in my neighborhood where they were giving away Supercross tickets. I wanted to try and win so I headed over to the remote in my truck, with the banner still displayed on the back window. The promotions team at the event was so excited about my banner that they gave me a T-shirt! While I waited for the ticket drawing (which I won by the way!!), one of the promotions people handed me a flyer with the “street team” information and told me to apply. I still have that flyer:

I got the job... my dream job at the time, and have been in the radio industry in some form ever since!

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